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Green House

Production Module

FlexTech production module is an innovative solution designed for the emerging city farmers. The LED technology is not only energy saving, but also permits the fixture to be situated close to the plants, because there is no heat generation. Thanks to numerous research conducted with leading universities and research centers, we understand the necessities of the plants and work for optimizing our light recipes. With high protection rate of IP65 and 50 000h lifespan FlexTech ensures positive growing results in any facility.

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IP65 Water and Dust Proof


Customizable Length


Daisy Chainable up to 10 lights




120 Degrees Beam Angle


Customizable Spectrum

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Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is balanced spectre designed to grow leafy greens, microgreens and herbs. The palitra of lights is not only favourable for the growth of your plants but also for the employes working in the facility

Twin Peaks.webp

Red Blast

Red Blast is high efficiency  spectre designed to grow flowering plants. The extra red spectre is triggering the flowering responses in and boosting the photosynthesis of your plants.

Download specification sheet

Container Farm 

Lettuce container farm tested in Beijing before sent to customer in Romania

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