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Top Light

LED High Power Top Lighting Module is energy saving and environmentally friendly product for the horticultural industry. The fixture is module and can effectively replace 400, 600 and 1000W HPS equivalents. The mutual efforts of our engineering and R&D teams ensure high quality product with sturdy body, IP65 protection factor, uniformity of the light and appropriate light recipe. With a life span of 50000h this product will ensure positive growing results in any facility.

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IP65 Water and Dust Proof




120 Degrees Beam Angle


Customizable Spectrum


Customizable Length

Twin Peaks.webp

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is balanced spectre designed to grow leafy greens, microgreens and herbs. The palitra of lights is not only favourable for the growth of your plants but also for the employes working in the facility

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Red Blast

Red Blast is high efficiency  spectre designed to grow flowering plants. The extra red spectre is triggering the flowering responses in and boosting the photosynthesis of your plants.

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